Caminito del Rey restoration

walkers on the caminito del reyThe famous Caminito del Rey walkway at El Chorro, near Alora in Malaga province has had funding released by the Malaga Provincial Government so that restoration work can commence.

Scheduled to start in 2014, the project will see the restoration of the metal and concrete walkways that hang from vertical cliffs above the El Chorro gorge and it is hoped that the Caminito del Rey will once again become a major tourist attraction.

Built in 1905 as part of the hydroelectric project to carry workmen and equipment to build a dam across the El Chorro river that created the popular lakes at Ardales, the pathway was given it’s name the “Kings little path” after a visit from King Alfonso XIII in 1921.

Closed to the public for many years due to safety concerns, the Caminito del Rey has continued to attract thrill seekers who “take on” the crumbling and in some places collapsed walkway. There have been several accidents and falls, some fatal, at the site since it has been closed.

The caminito del rey walkwayThe restored pathway is expected to re-open to the public in 2015.

The El Chorro and Ardales areas of Malaga province are well worth a day trip out exploring. There are many walking routes through the gorge with stunning views offered on some of them.

The lakes at Ardales that the dam created are the perfect place for a picnic with many purpose built spots, shaded by pine trees that you can pull in and use. Parts of the lakes also have beaches, with sunbed, pedalo and canoe hire available.

Swimming in the lakes is amazing, the water is an aquamarine colour and is quite warm all year round.

Scared of heights?

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